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INFRABLOCKCHAIN, the world's first public blockchain without a native cryptocurrency.


Blockchain Without a Native Cryptocurrency

Because of its reliance on a cryptocurrency with high price volatility to pay for transaction fees, blockchain was difficult to be used in the real world.
InfraBlockchain is the solution to the cryptocurrency-reliance problem, enabling the governments and companies to freely use blockchain without such concerns.

A Scalable Public Blockchain

​The basic concept of blockchain technology is to increase trust of the network by allowing anyone
to freely participate in the network.
If only predetermined members can participate in the network, there is no valid reason to use blockchain technology.
InfraBlockchain invites anyone from anywhere in the world to participate to build a strong trust network.

Setting Global Standards for the Decentralized ID (DID) Technology

Not only does PASS INFRA comply with the global standards of W3C DID, it also utilizes other global standard libraries such as Universal Resolver, to collaborate with DIDs based on more than 40 public and private blockchains, including Ethereum and Hyperledger.
Blockchain Labs is an active member of Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), and also working with the Linux Foundation Public Health to collaborate in setting the global standards for many early-stage technologies.
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