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World's First Blockchain-based
COVID-19 Vaccination Verification System
Empowering the global efforts to overcome COVID-19 and safely return to normal life

About COOV

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​Complete Privacy Protection

COOV perfectly protects users' privacy by utilizing the blockchain technology to provide immutable digital credentials and to verify them without a traceable server.

Cross-Verification of Digital Credentials

Users can present their digital credentials to interested parties, and also verify someone else's credentials by scanning their QR code.

Include Additional Information

Aside from their COVID-19 vaccination credentials, users can also provide additional information ​(name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, photo, etc.) to interested parties.

Multi-purpose Credential Verification

In addition to providing vaccination credentials for COVID-19, COOV can also provide other credentials, including the age classification for verifying whether the user is a minor or an adult.
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International Compatibility

PASS-INFRA, the global vaccination verification and management solution that COOV is based on, is available for governments and institutions around the world to use for free.
Because of PASS INFRA's international compatibility, COOV users' COVID-19 vaccination credentials can be verified in other countries as well.
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