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A Global Vaccination Verification & Management Solution


Countries around the world are actively discussing the needs for, and trying to implement vaccine passports. However, if each country develops its own system, the lack of interoperability among those systems will inevitably prevent their uses abroad. To address the lack of standardized system, Blockchain Labs Inc. have developed PASS INFRA, a global vaccination verification and management solution, and are providing it to all governments and organizations for free. Starting with South Korea's COOV, PASS INFRA is being provided to the Linux Foundation and numerous other countries.


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Enhanced Data and Privacy Protection

PASS INFRA perfectly protects users' privacy by utilizing the blockchain technology to provide immutable digital credentials and to verify them without leaving a record of verification.

Convenient and Easy-to-Use

With PASS INFRA, users can receive and present their vaccination credentials, and also verify someone else's credentials - all in one application.
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Multiple Use Cases

In addition to their vaccination credentials, users can also provide additional information (Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport Number, Photo ID, etc.) to interested parties.
PASS INFRA can be used to verify not only COVID-19 vaccination, but also all kinds of vaccinations.

Establishing the Basis of a National Medical Record System

For governments that rely on regional governments or institutions to manage citizens' vaccination records, PASS INFRA can collect and record the patient's identity credential and his/her vaccine information on a centralized government database.
This can be a big help towards establishing the medical infrastructure for their citizens.
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Quick and Easy Set Up of a
Globally Interoperable System

With PASS INFRA's global interoperability, a strong and reliable vaccine passport system can be easily developed.

PASS INFRA System Architecture

1. In the case of issuing vaccine passport from the centralized database of a government agency

If the government agencies, such as Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, collect and manage the vaccination information (who received which vaccine) in their database, they can directly issue vaccine passports to the vaccinated individuals.

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2. In the case of issuing vaccine passport from the vaccination sites

If an infrastructure to collect and store the vaccination information does not exist within a government agency, healthcare professionals at the vaccination site can scan the QR codes of the vaccine and the patient's ID to issue vaccine passport directly to the vaccinated individuals' mobile devices.

※ Vaccination information generated here is also shared with the responsible government agency,
who can then establish a national medical information database.

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